Canary explore the experiences and mysteries of the universe through their music. A band focused on being completely in the moment whether it is good or bad, calm or heated.

The band started when songwriter, Matthew Kenneally, brought together a beat-boxing trumpet player and an eccentric violinist to perform his songs on a lonely winter’s night in Northcote. Times have changed since then. Canary now fit a more traditional format.

Canary’s first album Dear Universe (2011) was an assured, self-produced release that propelled forward with a sweet, raw and disarming intensity. A collection of neo-folk compositions, Canary speaks of longing, honesty and spirituality.

Kenneally’s lyrics centre on passing reflections, conflicted angst, ripples of wisdom and religious themes, the sweetness of the music often marries the sentiment underneath.

Critical acclaim has been simmering for the quintet, receiving nods of approval from Gotye and J Walker and airplay across Australian community radio to international blogs.

They won over critics in 2014 with their song ‘Carried Away’ being shortlisted in the final 15 songs in the International Songwriting Competition (Unsigned Division) with judges including Tom Waits, London Grammar & Bastille.

As the band work towards their second album the latest single ‘Women’s Business’ is the taster of their new direction.

On writing the breakup album “I Am Lion” (due for release in early 2016), Kenneally says, “I was the cognitive distortions and thoughts and feelings I was writing about, or at least I thought I was. The process served to further cement this fusion of my identity with the bad thoughts I was having and the emotions I was feeling.” The more bricks-and-mortar sound of the band, captured on this album by J Walker (Machine Translations) is an edifice for Kenneally’s maturation from navel-gazing to catharsis.

The band have worked collaboratively to self-produce what will be their second album, currently being mixed and mastered by Canary bassist, Isaac Barter. An eclectic group of friends, Canary’s members bring their own individual tastes and influences from electronic to folk to hip hop. As a band, they are a democracy, each member has their own voice, their own contributions.

Canary is

  • Matthew Kenneally (vocals, guitar)
  • Ed Fairlie (trumpet, beatboxing, percussion)
  • Adam Dean (guitar)
  • Isaac Barter (bass)
  • Lachlan O Kane (drums)